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Medical Management

■ Use of Advantage Workplace Wellness (AWW) routing slips/protocols
■ Access AWW network of cooperative providers for injury management
■ Post-accident drug testing
■ Doctor to doctor phone consultation w/treating providers
■ Claims validation
■ RTW examinations/ Light duty assistance
■ Coordination with company, insurance carrier and provider 


AWW will work with your company and insurance carrier to streamline the injury management process through timely decisions ensuring the injured worker receives the required care and appropriate placement in the work environment.

Use of the proven technique described above reduces or virtually eliminates lost time days, restricted days, as well as unnecessary cost while ensuring quality care for the injured worker.

Onsite Services

Ergonomic injuries account for 60-70% of all injuries
 equaling 90% of all costs. 

Doctors (DC’s) Onsite Performing:
■ Evaluation and treatment of work-related and Non-work related injuries
■ Ergonomic assessments of workstations 
■ Departmental Assessment/walk through 
■ Development of Wellness Programs
■ Assistance in Return to Work/Light Duty protocols


■ Easy Access/In-House evaluation and treatment of work related and non-work related injuries
■ Provides greater control of work related injuries, decreasing need for off-site evaluation
■ Decrease overall frequency of work-related injuries
■ Better development of company’s “Safety Culture”
■ More efficient identification of “problem areas” in the facility
■ Onsite Dr’s understand injury statistics such as DART, DAFWII, and Mod-Factor and its impact to your company
■ Onsite Dr’s familiar with state workers' compensation laws
■ Boost Employee Morale

Other Services

Pre-placement Screening (PPE): 
Recent trends in safety at the workplace have spiked the use of Preplacement (post-offer) Screening for reduction of injury probability, and therefore workers' compensation premiums. Evaluating an employee based upon a specific job description not only detects preexisting conditions, but also determines a proper fit of employee to department. 

Advantage Workplace Wellness (AWW) implements the Biomechanical Stress Index (BSI) in the performance of PPE’s. The BSI has proven to be invaluable in determining the individual’s risk:  low, medium or high, in suffering a disabling lower back injury. BSI exams are quantitative, and capable of determining risk based on an evaluation of the specific job description. Again, this exam assists with appropriate placement of a new hire, or in disqualification if so determined base on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Return-to-Work Assessment: 
A Return-to-Work physical assessment determines the capability an individual returning to the specifics of their job description.  In addition, AWW has specific knowledge of your company’s job requirements; better defining light or modified-duty work recommendations when the individual is ready to safely return. Ensuring a timely and safe return to work ensures a productive and safe working environment for all. 
Coupled with a RTW assessment, urine drug screening can be a very useful tool as well.

Drug And Alcohol Screening:  (DOT and non-DOT)
Despite recent news reports about the increased use of drugs, we continue to be encouraged that workplace substance abuse is a problem for which a solution exists. When the issue is addressed by establishing comprehensive programs, it is a "win-win" situation for both employers and employees.

Our drug and alcohol services feature:
• Certified specimen collectors and SAMHSA certified testing laboratories
• 24-hour turn around for negative test drug results (24-72 hrs. for non-negative drug tests requiring confirmations)
• Immediate alcohol test results
• Assistance with set up and management of drug and alcohol testing programs with full compliance to State and Federal regulations


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